Kukupenda Eco Homes

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kukupenda eco community

Kukupenda, which is Swahili for loving you, is a developing eco community, based on the principles of, caring for the environment, caring for the community members, and a better more sustainable future.

Kukupenda eco community will not only be on the forefront of environmentally responsible design and construction, but will also utilize universal barrier free design principles, so all buildings will be ADA compliant, requiring very minimal modifications to fit individual needs, built to be inclusive of all levels of ability.


Kukupenda eco community will use multiple innovative en environmentally responsible building techniques and materials, with a strong emphasis on reusing recycled materials. 

  • Earthship style pounded earth tire walls.
  • Calearth style superadobe earthbag eco domes
  • Aircrete or foamcrete domes, a super light, very strong concrete light enough to float.
  • Ferro cement a spray on cement mixture over wire frame for beautiful freeform enhancement
  • Artificial wetlands, rain collection, water recycling